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Music app not working (Win10, 8.1) PowerShell fix

| Microsoft | No Comments

I recently got the newest build of Windows 10 and suddenly my Xbox Music app stopped streaming music from my XBM account. The fix was simple. You’ll need to run…


FoundationPress Hook List

| Wordpress | No Comments

Hooks are vital to WordPress development, so if you’re using FoundationPress, you can use the below hooks to avoid direct template editing. How to use Hooks  header.php ‘foundationPress_after_body’ hooks directly…


Fallback sorting in WordPress (WooCommerce)

| Uncategorized, Wordpress | No Comments

Ran into an issue today where I wanted to do fallback sorting when a title of something was the same as another. In this case I wanted the Item Type…


WordPress & Azure

| Microsoft | No Comments

Why Microsoft Azure? I had already begun migration to Microsoft Azure, when I was accepted into the Microsoft BizSpark program. The program has allowed me to explore the offerings of Azure and how…